Prime time for Time Life

American prime-time tv has been taken over by infomercials, The New York Times reports:

The two-minute commercials, for a DVD set of “The World at War” and a CD of relaxing classical music, both from Time Life, ran during almost every show on the (CBS) network’s recent Saturday nights.

It is a sign of just how bad the advertising market is: infomercials are running during network prime time, filling slots that automobiles and banks once owned.

Time Life are running twice as many prime-time ads as they did this time last year, the piece reports.  And newspapers are filling their ad space with stuff that would previously have been relegated to a 3 x 3 square in the classifieds: USA Today and the Wall Street Journal have both been running full-page ads for an Amish room heater.

Things aren’t looking too good on this side of the world either.  The Sunday Times sold all of page 4 to the National Newspapers of Ireland (Association?), whose ad was a plea for more ads:

News, as the name indicates, is the essential component of newspapers…Press is the one medium that never fails to actively encourage information-seekers.  So if your advertising is in the newspaper, then it’s also in the news.  Make the news today.  With newspaper advertising.


Noticed any Amish room-heaters, or the like, occupying page three of your newspaper?  Tell us in the comments.


One response to “Prime time for Time Life

  1. The front page of the Jerusalem Post today carries a humble ad, two paragraphs wide and the shape of a flag. Between horizontal blue stripes, the legend ‘The borders of Israel are not defined by man but G’d. Israel=Israel. Christians for Israel’. As one ponders whether He whose Vowel may not be written had a hand in the deliniation of any other earthly geopolitical boundaries – finding time on the sixth day to doodle the McMahon line or that which marks out the Fighting Cocks parish in Carlow perhaps – one turns the page to find all of page 3 taken up with an ad for a bloc of right wing Israeli parties asserting their stance in relation to a potential Palestinian state. A big fat NO. Overlaid on a pastel dove. They spend their money and make their statement ‘With G-d’s Blessing’. Leaving one question – will the L’rd save our papers?

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